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A solar parabolic cooker is introduced to school children in Tajikistan. - Photo credit: Little Earth

Маленькая Земля (Little Earth) is an environmental organization that was founded in 1997 by a group of young activists in Tajikistan. It is a flexible and mobile organization with a creative approach to solving traditional environmental problems.

In 2006, Little Earth began work on the thermal insulation of schools in remote mountain settlements, as well as introducing energy efficient solar parabolic cookers. In 2008, together with partners from Norway and Nepal, SHE launched an initiative to introduce energy-saving stoves in Tajikistan. In the same year, the first solar photo panels were installed for a lighting system in a small school.

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Little Earth group workshop Pamir, Tajikistan 2019.- Photo credit: Little Earth

  • November 2020: This project in upper Bartang valley, Pamir, Tajikistan improves the life of women and local communities through efficient use of natural resources with affordable sustainable energy technologies. The project supports 55 women, and their vulnerable families, in five communities. Women and men participated in awareness raising and technical trainings, including exhibitions on sustainable energy solutions, workshops on the construction of solar water heaters and food dryers, trainings on women’s empowerment and a study tour in other villages. In all, 55 efficient cooking stoves, 75 parabolic solar cookers, 40 solar lanterns, 55 pressure cookers, and 2 solar water heaters were distributed in the target villages. Additionally, 300 tree seedlings will be planted to regenerate the forest. Read more...
Little Earth workshop 2018 - Photo credit: Little Earth
  • November 2018: Fifteen female participants of the project Clean Energy and Women on the Roof of the World from the most vulnerable families living in the highland village of Bopasor received sets of energy efficient equipment in late October 2018. Delivery and distribution of the equipment was handled by staff of the environmental organization the Little Earth with assistance from our local partner NGO "Oyandasoz". Every set consisted of a parabolic solar cooker, pressure pan and an energy saving stove for cooking and heating.

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