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100 Suns solar stove installed at CRHP Jamkhed.

100 Suns is a solar stove developed by Amogh Sahaje. The solar stove is claimed to have a simple design that can be easily constructed at home with inexpensive and readily available materials. It is claimed that the solar stove can cook as fast as a conventional stove. The solar stove is also said to have a robust and modular design which requires less maintenance and makes mending, if required, very cheap and easy.

The construction manual for 100 Suns can be downloaded from the following link: Construction Manual

100 Suns Solar Stove

100 Suns solar stove in use at CRHP Jamkhed.

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100 Suns solar concentrator built in Ghana by Partners in Sustainable Development.


  • November 2018: Comprehensive Rural Health Project (CRHP), Jamkhed, Maharashtra India installed 100 Suns solar stove at its campus. They are planning to eventually disseminate in around 300 villages they are engaged in.
  • October 2018: Newspaper report: A 100 Suns to the Rescue
  • September 2018: Partners in Sustainable Development, an NGO based in Ghana built its first 100 Suns solar stove. Mr. Annor Douglas, the CEO of the organization plans to deploy it in the rural parts of Ghana.
  • April 2018: Devrai Art Village, Panchgani India installs 100 Suns solar stove.



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