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The name 30º-60º Solar Oven comes from the two different inclinations that the captation window can adopt in this cooker: 60º to the horizontal, if the base is the smallest part, and 30º if the wider part is the base. This angle variation allows a better use of the solar energy in different solar heights (summer and winter). Besides this solar cooker contains reflector panels (detachable and folding), which help to increase the solar rays captation area. It is possible to obtain plans to make the cooker. It is made mainly from board and strips of wood, also some insulation material and metalic sheet. The data presented here applies to a handcrafted solar cooker made by Narcís Puig, which uses directions from the book “Ingenios Solares" by José Manuel Jiménez, Súper. The book explains that this solar cooker reaches approximately 130 °C (266 °F). In the tests made in Terra Foundation the cooker reached approximately 180 °C (356 °F) (maintaining the solar oven empty).


The main body of the solar cooker is made from board and strips of wood. It uses wrinkled cardboard and aluminium paper as insulation. In the interior, a matt black painted metal sheet. A glass window forms the captation area, and the extra reflectors are made from aluminium lined board.


Dimensions: Placed on the wider base (30º to the horizontal), base of 43 x 43 cm, and maximum height, 48 cm. With the reflectors on, the maximum height increases to 92 cm.

Weight: 11 kg (9 kg for the box and 2 kg for the reflector)

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