Solar Cooking
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Several AGE cookers packed and ready to be shipped.

Specifications and salient features:

  • Entire cooker is of folding design which is our unique facility making transport very easy and cheap. It is despatched in corrugated cartoon box of size 50" x 14" x 3.5" only. So 600 cookers can easily go in to a 20 ft container.
  • Weight of the cooker is only 17 kg.
  • You can assemble entire cooker in 10 minutes. But tying of reflector strips will take further 50 minutes.
  • Reflector is square of 1.2mtx1.2mt and its frame is made of 2 parabolic strips and 7 parabolic round bars.
  • Supporting stand is made of rectangular pipes of 40x20mm cross section.
  • Reflector sheets are anodized aluminium sheets. So it is highly efficienct in cooking.
  • You can cook for a family of 8 to 10 persons in 30 to 40 minutes.You can pasturize water, heat the milk or water, roast anything like groundnut and cook varieties of items on this cooker.
  • Parabolic square shape of the reflector looks very attractive and elegant just at a glance.
  • Entire cooker is powder coated in attractive colour.
  • Video CD is provoded with every cooker for guidance.

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