All images added to this wiki must be "free-use". That is, they must either by public domain or licensed by the copyright holder under a licence that allows anyone to reuse the images. It's important that we do not add images taken from other websites as these are usually not free-use and would be copyright violations. See Image copyright tags for more detail on licences and how to tag your images.


Add image

Click the "Photo" button to add an image while editing a page.

We encourage you to upload images with the highest resolution available. Your image will automatically show up much smaller on the page. Please use descriptive filenames telling something about the photo including the year. It's okay to use spaces in the name. All images must have a unique name.

While editing any article, just click the "Photo" button on the right side of the screen. In the pop-up you can browse for your image on your computer and then upload it to Wikia. When you complete the tasks on the pop-up, your image will appear on the page.

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