Solar Cooking
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This article covers the basics of working on this Wiki. For a tutorial on solar cooking, go to Introduction to solar cooking.

Note: Easy editing - Wiki editors welcome users to create an account and edit an article about themselves or general knowledge articles. However, experience has shown many site visitors are not comfortable using the two programs which allow article editing.

The first is Visual Editor, which is much like editing a Word document. It is the most intuitive, but does not allow for easy editing of photographs, videos and more complex formatting of pages. The second program is called Source Editor, which uses a simplified html code format. Editors and administrators use this program. It allows for format continuity between the over 1,700 separate articles on this wiki. Not to worry about making unsuccessful edits. All articles are easily reverted to their original format. Administrators are quickly notified when any article modification takes place.

A much easier approach to adding information to the Wiki, is to email the Wiki administrator with content changes and additions at Changes will primarily involve modifying text and adding photographs and videos, and creating new articles. Videos are best sent as YouTube links.

To try editing, it is best to first create an account or log into your existing account to edit. This account will work on all wikis, and you have the option to remain signed-in once established. For a new account, click on the person icon at the lower left right bottom of each page. Follow the prompts to set up an account. Having an account allows administrators to see who has added information, and helps weed out editing vandalism.

Adding an article

In the top left corner of any page, click the icon as shown below:


Editing an existing article

See Editing basics

  • Note: The video below has some good general instructions on editing. However, Fandom, the company that provides the Wikia programing platform for this wiki and all others, updates the software every couple years. It can make minor changes to how content is uploaded and formatted. As such, some of the instructions contained in the help video are no longer up to date.

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