Solnar Tarcici Collapsible Solar Cooker

Adnan Tarcici designed and built the Solnar Tarcici Collapsible Solar Cooker around 1970. Tarcici’s novel design utilizes a box-like structural spine that doubles as a storage container when the cooker is collapsed. Attached to pivot points on each side of this spine are two sets of flexible, reflective aluminum panels that open in a fan-like manner to form a parabolic oval 34 inches tall by 43 inches wide. Pliable bands attached to each reflective panel provide structure and hold the panels in place. The reflectors and pot stand are supported by a tripod base.

A Yemenite born in Lebanon, Tarcici was a professor and United Nations delegate who expressed concern for the amount of money people were spending on cooking fuel when the sun shines freely many months of the year. He patented several solar cooker designs during his life.

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