Solar Cooking
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Advancing Sustainable Household Energy Solutions (ASHES) describes themselves as; "We are a consortium of researchers, academics, and practitioners seeking to enhance and support the adoption of clean, affordable household energy solutions.

Exposure to household air pollution (HAP) is a top-ten risk factor for morbidity and mortality worldwide, and is a leading contributor to the burden of disease around the world. Access to modern energy has been proposed as a basic human right, yet 3 billion people still rely on traditional energy sources (e.g., wood, charcoal, kerosene) to support household needs such as cooking, heating, and lighting.

Emissions from traditional energy sources create unhealthy levels of HAP and contribute to the earth’s radiative energy balance; over the next century, anthropogenic climate forcing is expected to inflict a major toll on human health. We seek to help shift the current household energy paradigm to increasingly efficient and sustainable solutions. " - From ASHSE's website


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