Solar Cooking
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We are a network of highly educated and specialised experts on solar cooking, solar food processing, clean cookstoves, clean burning fuels, water purification and waste management. Each member educates local groups and grassroots workers in his/her community.

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The organization has representatives from Kenya, Uganda, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and is administered by Bernhard Müller, from Germany. Bernhard has considerable experience promoting solar cooking and improved combustion stove cooking in Africa. The AfriShiners Workshops are organized under the umbrella of the German development aid organization Lernen - Helfen - Leben e.V..

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  • NEW: March 2022: Bernhard Müller has reported Ferdinand Bukunda visited with Rosemary Olive Mbone Enie in Kigali recently, and they arranged that AfriShiners will be hosted as an organization under the umbrella of Salama Heritage Ecovillage Africa (SHE Africa) in Kigali, Rwanda. Simultaneously, the organization AfriShiners Entrepreneurs (ASE) will be set up by Rosemary and Ferdinand. In case you want to get in contact with Rosemary, please utilize eMail, phone +250787249896.
  • June 2021: AfriShiner's webpage to close, but solar cooking entrepreneurship continues to flourish - Bernhard Müller reports: As it is not necessary to continue with the network, the web page will neither be renewed nor extended. It will be shut down shortly the way it is. The submission of newsletters will continue, though. Bernhard points out that Samuel is running fireless cooker and Integrated Solar Cooking (ISC) workshops in Nairobi continuously. Didacus Pius does a lot in ICS and permaculture in Bumala. Esther Nattabi started her own business producing clean cookstoves and fireless cookers, studying business administration in the university alongside her business activities. Penina processed coconut oil with the appliance of a solar cooker, produces soap and practices - just like Didacus - biochar applications. Antonio did solar cooking events and constructed a perfect and professional looking solar cooker. Millicent, John and Elisha are producing and presenting solar cookers and clean cooking items continuously. All in all, it’s getting better despite the nagging Corona Virus. The Eldoret workshop took place in June 2019. I remember that we baked bread with just using solar box- and panel cookers and the bread turned out to be perfect. At high noon, the sun was just 0.8 degrees off zenith.
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  • 21-23 March 2019: AfriShiners - The AfriShiners 3rd International Workshop is taking place in Eldoret, Kenya. Unfortunately, registration is full for this event.. More information...

Workshop participants gather at 2018 AfriShiners in Kampala, Uganda. Photo credit: AfriShiners

The first AfriShiner Workshop in Korando, Kenya October, 2017 Photo credit: AfriShiners

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