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The Aftarkeia Network is a workers' cooperative based in Greece promoting eco-sufficiency.

"Aftarkeia" (self sufficiency/eco-sufficiency) produces and retails green products, which are based mostly on simple solar technology. Our mission is to give effective solutions to daily needs, always in total respect to the next human generation and to the environment.

"Aftarkeia" constantly seeks better and more fair ways to change the epidermically solved needs, because we care for our children and their children, too.

"Aftarkeia Network",

  • may not work on latest technology inventions, but we are attentive to your real needs, instead of creating new ones.
  • may make mistakes, but instead of finding excuses for them, we learn and try to get better everyday.
  • obviously cannot change the world on it’s own, but day after day we work for meaningful products and services, we build strong bonds with our clients and earn joy from our everyday work.

Simple technology for all[edit | edit source]

Aftarkeia Network seeks ways to make everyone's lives easier yet without making it more difficult for others.

We continuously search for solutions to everyday problems that::

  • are based on simple and open source technologies
  • are possible and affordable for all
  • satisfy basic human needs
  • respect the environment and humans

Eco-sufficiensy for all[edit | edit source]

We believe that self sufficiency is strictly a social and not an individual process.

Self sufficiency does not mean living isolated, caring only about one’s needs. For us self sufficiency is not accomplished outside society, looking to the others through a key hole. Moreover it cannot be accomplished by a single person who tries to produce anything he or she needs.

Actual and meaningful self sufficiency is when each one of us has enough by giving away his best to the others. No matter what this “best” is, knowledge, products or services true self sufficiency is the result of giving and sharing. It is the love and joy both for the things that we do and the people that we are doing it for.

Our team visualises self sufficiency based on honest and creative human bonds and relations, which make our living meaningful. We are nothing more but the relations we have with each other.

Our existence is based on the human network that surrounds us and that we constantly build through our everyday habits and practices. And we are certain that we can expand it to a level that the whole society will become self sufficient.

Areas of interest[edit | edit source]

Aftarkeia Network focuses on people’s energy needs. From cooking or commuting to telecommunications or any kind of electrical devices that can become greener. Meeting our needs while respecting the environment is our primary goal.

We constantly learn, experiment, research. Our fully functional and successful solar cooker Cook'n'go, is only the start to this creative journey.

A range of everyday appliances are being hatching. We’ll be informing you through our site. We are sure that with your suggestions and comments more interesting ideas will arise.

The cooker folds down to a compact package for transport.

(above text from the (English version))

Promoting solar cooking is part of their agenda, and besides offering solar cooking workshops, the group has designed their own CooKit version of a solar panel cooker, the Cook-n-go. Instead of cardboard construction, the panels are made from wood and are hinged together.

News[edit | edit source]

Aftarkeia solar cooking display

  • July, 2014: Aftarkeia Network takes part in the SCI's Convention in Sacramento, CA USA.
  • May 30 - June 1, 2014: The Alternative Festival of Cooperative & Solidarity Economy invites you to a three-day event on Solidarity, Creativity and Sustainability, held at the Self-managed Camping of Voula (Athens) from May 30 to June 1, 2014. Aftarkeia will be there solar cooking, organizing a solar cooker construction workshop and a workshop of collective work in practice.

Aftarkeia workshop

  • May 2014: Christiana Vlachaki reports that the group has been promoting solar cooking for one year, and have taught over 500 people to solar cook, and have distributed 100 solar cookers. Others in the group include: Theodore Paraskevas, Giannis Falelakis, Eleni Bourolia, Dimitra Simou, and Thanasis Giaouroudis.
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Contact[edit | edit source]

Aftarkeia Network
Christiana Vlachaki
Iridanou 16-18
Athens, Attica 11528

Tel.: +30 210 7255367


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