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The Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) is a non-denominational, non-governmental, development agency founded in 1967 by Aga Khan IV. The foundation aims to develop and promote creative solutions to problems that impede social development, primarily in Asia and East Africa. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, it has branches and independent affiliates in 15 countries. The Aga Khan Foundation is an agency of the Aga Khan Development Network.

The Aga Khan Foundation focuses on a small number of specific development problems by forming intellectual and financial partnerships with organisations sharing its objectives. Most Foundation grants are made to grassroots organisations testing innovative approaches in the field. It concentrates on selected issues in health, education, rural development, the environment and the strengthening of civil society.

The Aga Khan Foundation is a member of The Partnership for Clean Indoor Air (PCIA). See below for PCIA newsletters which includes reports of Aga Khan Foundation activities regarding indoor air pollution and health.



  • The Partnership for Clean Indoor Air Newsletters This quarterly newsletter provides updates on the activities of the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air and its Partners around the world, and facilitates awareness about issues related to indoor air pollution, household energy and health.

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