Solar Cooking
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  • August 2008: Two solar cooker organizations — Solar Cookers International (SCI) and AkayConsult — were honored at the prestigious 2007 Energy Globe awards ceremony held at the European Parliament in Brussels this past May. The Energy Globe awards showcase sustainable projects that demonstrate “good, feasible solutions” to existing environmental problems in five categories: earth, fire, water, air, and youth. The awards gala is broadcast worldwide to approximately 3 billion households. SCI was the national winner for Kenya with its Sunny Solutions initiative in Nyakach, Kenya. Launched in 2003, this project expands opportunities for local entrepreneurs, mostly women, to save money by using and selling solar cookers and solar-cooked products. The unattended cooking has freed time for other income-generating activities and self improvement. To date nearly 4,000 solar cookers have been sold in the area. AkayConsult was the national winner for Malaysia with its initiative to increase local availability of potable water. This is achieved by harvesting rain water, which is then automatically diverted to a solar water pasteurizer that is scalable and low maintenance. More information about the award is available on-line at

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