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AlSol 1.4

alSol 1.4

The alSol 1.4 is a parabolic cooker designed by Dieter Seifert. It is meant to be easily constructed in workshops in developing countries provided that the reflective foil elements are provided from abroad.


  • September 2015: the alSol 1.4 is no longer being manufactured and sold by Manolo Vilchez in Spain.

Audio and videoEdit

  • July 2011:
Freir patatas en cocina solar

Freir patatas en cocina solar

The AlSol 1.4 parabolic solar cooker very effectively fries potatoes.

  • July 2009:
Cocina solar alSol 1

Cocina solar alSol 1.4 en expo Premio Diseño para Reciclaje

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