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Amir Komarizade 2006

Amir Komarizade

Amir Komarizade lives in Tehran, Iran, and has been designing and building a variety of solar cookers since 2007. They include the Solar Picnic, solar cooker mounting approaches, and solar PV thermal cooking.


  • November 2017: Amir has been testing a solar cooker mounting system, similar to the gimbal mounts used on Donsonian style telescopes, and using PV power to generate enough energy to boil water in a small vessel.
  • September 2017: Amir hopes to create an "Energy Café" at the institute where he works where food would be cooked in solar cookers.
Amir Komarizade Energy Cafe design 2017

The proposed "Energy Café"

Amir Komarizade with unique water vessel, 12-14-15

Amir with his Solar Picnic and unique water heating vessel.

Amir Komarizade baked pumpkin 2017
  • December 2015: Amir is shown with his Solar Picnic panel cooker. He is heating water with a unique bottle of his own design. It has a heat-absorbing black interior structure with a waffle-like surface to maximize the area available to sunlight.
  • December 2015: Amir reports that he taught solar cooking at the Nioofar Solar House, and has now returned to lab management at Sharif University.

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Amir Komarizade
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