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The AGT Universal Solar Panel Cooker

Applied Green Technology develops consumer products that generate heat and light by converting freely available resources such as sunshine, wind and gravity.

Our product portfolio currently includes a range of high performance solar panel cookers, as well as economical and robust solar power and lighting systems, and we are in the process of developing a number of new products for water distillation and solar energy concentration.

We were set up in 2012 to commercialize the inventions of Matthew Rollins, Technical Director. Matthew is passionate about using freely available natural resources to generate energy and has spent many years designing products and systems. MD Roger Whitten works with Matthew on material composition and sourcing, whilst Viv Sloan, Marketing Director, is concerned with external communications and marketing.

Recent news and developments

  • July 2014: Matthew Rollins, the founder of Applied Green Technology, passed away on July 10, 2014, leaving behind his wife Estelle, sons Gary, Jeremy and Adam, and many family members and friends in Coventry and around the world. The solar cooking world mourns his passing. Matthew's obituary...
  • June 2014: One thousand cookers distributed in Pakistan - Our new waterproof CooKit-style solar cookers have just been distributed to the Thar Desert Region of by the Lady Fatemah Trust.
  • May 2014: Applied Green Technology has launched its new website - Please visit

Early prototype of the CooKit solar panel cooker variation by Matthew Rollins

  • November 2013: Matthew Rollins continues to be quite active encouraging sales of his solar cooker in both established and emerging global markets - A.G. Karim, chairman of The Lady Fatemah Trust, based in the United Kingdom, has agreed to finance several thousand solar cookers designed by Matthew Rollins of Applied Green Technology, to be delivered to Africa, Iraq, and Lebanon. Matthew has also arranged for Andreas Fasoulides, living in Cyprus, to visit Pakistan to lay the ground work for future solar cooking training workshops, to enable them to supply 100,000 solar cookers currently on provisional order. He also wants to explore sales possibilities in Latin America. Matthew is close to releasing his new solar cooker design developed from the basic CooKit solar panel cooker. It will feature the ability to be able to be adjusted to suit sun orientation at any latitude location on the globe. He states that with the ability to better gather and focus the light, it can often be used without the need for a cooking bag, subject to weather conditions.

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