Solar Cooking

Appropedia is an online encyclopedia, which is intended to be a tool in the development of collaborative solutions in sustainability, poverty reduction and international development through the use of sound principles, appropriate technology and the sharing of wisdom and project information. The selection of topics covered in the encyclopedia, and the emphasis in its articles, reflect its fundamental purpose. It is a wiki, a type of website which allows anyone to add, remove, or edit content. Registration is encouraged but not required for contributors.

Appropedia has been described as an "appropriate technology wiki", but it is much broader than that - it is a green wiki, and a wiki for all matters of international development and aid. But most importantly, Appropedia is an open site for stakeholders to come together to find, create and improve scalable and adaptable solutions. Anyone who has knowledge of any topic that falls within the description above is welcome to contribute an article about it, or to edit an existing article.

In terms of the breadth of its focus, Appropedia is intermediate between Wikipedia, which is all-encompassing, and this Solar Cookers World Network wiki, which concentrates on solar cooking. Appropedia focuses on green and progressive topics, including, but not restricted to, solar cooking. Its scope is therefore wider than that of this wiki, but narrower than that of Wikipedia.

Appropedia began in April of 2006. In the earliest stages it was a collaboration between passionate people from the United States and Australia, and quickly expanded to become a global project.[1]

Appropedia includes many articles on solar cooking.'[2]

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