Solar Cooking
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The Asulma Centre Self Help Group was established in 2008 with the mission of combating poverty, social injustices, illiteracy, and drug abuse in Kenya. As part of a pilot project, in partnership with the KoZon Foundation, the Asulma Centre Self Help Group has held workshops in areas including Lucky Summer, Kibera, Kariadudu, Dandora, and Kasabuni in order to promote solar cooking and heat-retention cooking in the country with the goal of reducing deforestation resulting from fuelwood collection.

In order to facilitate the dissemination of solar and heat-retention cookers, the Asulma Centre Self Help Group sells their products on credit as many of their customers have limited resources. They also follow up with their customers to discuss their use and answer any questions that they have. The group also runs a Solar Cooking Club, which offers solar cooking education initiatives.



Samuel Owegi Odhiambo
Asulma Centre
P.O. Box, 728-00600
Nairobi, Kenya

Cell: +254 726 927 913

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