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Atouts Soleil 2013

Atouts Soleil avec un cuiseur Devos

L'association Atouts Soleil realise des projets de cuisson solaire en Afrique depuis 2003.

Les personnes bénéficiaires sont formées sur place, afin de pouvoir fabriquer eux mêmes les cuiseurs solaires. Le modèle de cuiseur d'ATOUTS SOLEIL est un modèle a concentration, avec une table, ce qui permet d'accéder à tout moment au plat pendant la cuisson. Ainsi, on peut cuire tous les plats africains Pour plus de precision, aller sur le site de l'association.

News and recent developments

  • September 2013: The ATOUTS SOLEIL organization has made many solar cooking tables in Burkina Faso. These solar cookers have been produced on site by Burkina and French people. The tables, made of steel, were welded and painted. The concentrators were molded before being covered with square mirrors. The women tried different recipes: beans, rice, yams, fried fritters, etc. The solar cooking tables have a high energy focusing, allowing to cook very different meals. Many meals were prepared, like fritters, and of course the rice with sauce, the main meal in Burkina. The sauces were made with onions, tomatoes or gumbo. They prepared the rice and then the sauce, but the sauce required very little time. They enjoyed the taste of the meals and the simplicity of use. And of course they appreciated the best aspect: the solar cooking tables need no fuel to work! These African women have learned to cook standing up, instead of bent over a smoking fire. Solar cooking has changed their lives.

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