Solar Cooking
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Dr. Atul Sagade lives in Pandharpur, Maharashtra, India. He is founder and director of Solar Energy Research Laboratory (SERL), Pandharpur. He has been involved in the design, development, and research of solar cookers, along with teaching and promoting solar cookers and solar thermal systems since 2010. He is Co-inventor of Cooker Opto-Thermal Ratio (COR) based intermediate temperature heating and Open Sun Cooling Test protocols and thermal methods for experimental determination of effective concentration ratio for solar box type and concentrating type of solar cookers. He involved in teaching, training, research, entrepreneurial and administrative works at Engineering institutes for more than fifteen years along with a responsibility of a challenging role as Principal/Director of the engineering polytechnic institute for more than seven years. Presently, he is associated as a professor/Scientist with internationally reputed universities in Europe and South America. He and his colleagues have conducted several awareness and training programs on solar cookers along with entrepreneurial workshops at a self-owned, state-of-the-art test facility for solar thermal and renewable heating research work. Dr. Atul participated as a solar expert in the International Energy Agency's workshops on a Technology Roadmap: solar heating and cooling in Germany, China, Australia. He is also the member of editorial boards and is a reviewer for prestigious international journals on energy.


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