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Auja Eco Center logo, 11-30-14

The Auja Eco Center is located in the Jordan River Valley in Palestine.

Below text from the Auja Eco Center website

At the Auja Eco Center, we work to protect the landscape and support the people of the valley through environmental education and eco-tourism. We contribute towards this by inspiring and educating people about the history and value of this landscape; by promoting a vision of the valley a whole and interconnected system of ecology and human culture; by generating income and employment for local people; and by advocating for the rehabilitation of the Jordan River and the Dead Sea.

As part of their educational programs, the Auja Eco Center has begun to include learning about solar cooking.


  • November 2014:
Auja Eco Center builds another solar cooker, 11-30-14

The assembly of a companion SK14 parabolic solar cooker at the Center.

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Auja Eco Center
Auja, Jericho

Tel.: +972 231 0424


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