Solar Cooking
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B4Digninty is a subsidiary of Poverty Dignified. Your support will help fund Global Sun Ovens to increase economic independence to families in rural communities around the world. And to those affected by power outages due to hurricane and other natural disaster.

B4Dignity is a company that was formed to help offset a portion of the cost of the family size Global Sun Oven and the community bakery Villager Sun Oven. The company’s business model is to buy handmade bracelets from micro-businesses in developing countries to help families and community businesses to earn the income necessary to buy a low-cost, clean energy Sun Oven that will “protect the environment”, “improve the health and safety of women and children”, and build a “sustainable economic future” for families in rural communities.

So far B4Dignity has created solar bakeries in South Africa, Tanzania, and Malawi.


  • September 2019: B4Dignity announces: As a result of the recent catastrophic hurricane in The Bahamas, B4Dignity is currently focused on providing 1,000 Global Sun Ovens to the 60,000+ people impacted by Hurricane Dorian. It is estimated that roughly 60% of the homes on Abaco, Bahamas were destroyed by Hurricane Dorian leaving thousands homeless.

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