Solar Cooking
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The BS-M1 solar cooker is a parabolic solar oven developed by Bigstone Energy Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

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The BS-M1 is a mid size parabolic designed for most efficient cooking results.(If a parabolic is too small in size it will not produce sufficient heat for the most effective cooking results and the opposite is true if it is too large; the heat therefore would be too intense.) The solar burner has a diameter of almost five feet, which produces a high output of energy (heat) for very efficient cooking, yet is not too large in diameter that one would have much trouble reaching the cooking plate.

The focus point of the sun's rays comes together at about thirty inches from, and above, the middle of the parabola.

Each of the six rigid, molded steel panels that form the parabola is covered with an adhesive backed reflective vinyl which is quite durable, yet easily repaired or replaced if ever damaged or worn.The reflective film on this solar cooker is the key, or means to the parabolic being able to concentrate the energy from the rays of the sun.

The parabolic is supported by a circular stand (base) and has an easily adjusted crank extension arm to move the elevation tracking of the parabolic up and down, and the whole cooker swivels on its base, allowing for side to side tracking of the sun.

Unlike the solar ovens and panel cookers, there are no darkened pots that come included with the cooker, because in reality there is no need for a "special" pot or pan.

The high temperatures of the parabolic are such that you can use the shiny steel pots and pans that are more common and you will not have to worry about reflecting the sunlight away from the cooking vessel.In fact, with a parabolic it is more recommendable to use the heavier gauge steel pots, because the thinner variety will scorch and burn your food more easily, especially the thin aluminum, which is also known for health related issues and concerns.


  • Sunlight collecting area: 1.8 M2
  • Material: Steel with aluminum reflecting light membrane.
  • Useful Time: More than 10 years
  • Focus temperature (C): 800 degrees
  • Focus: 1.5M
  • Weight: 18.5KG
  • Boil 4KG water within 20 minutes
  • Applications: Boil water, cook rice, pan the cake, stew meat, braise dishes, fry eggs, boil noodles, etc.

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