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Bart Orlando with pressure solar cooker, 1-30-17

Bart Orlando tests a solar pressure cooker Photo credit: Bart Orlando

Since the late nineties, Bart Orlando has volunteered at Humboldt State University's Campus Center for Appropriate Technology. He helps students build and utilize human-powered machines. He is also a long-time solar cook who frequently demonstrates solar cooking outside the Arcata Co-op in Arcata, California. He often shares the solar-cooked food with homeless people in the area. Orlando says his homemade parabolic solar cooker can cook over 100 servings of rice on a good day. [Excerpted from a September 2006 Eureka Reporter story.]


  • March 2014: Bart updates his progress in using ready-made stadium light reflectors as the basis for a conical, deeply recessed parabolic style solar cooker. His report can be seen at Stadium Light Solar Cookers as posted on Appropedia.

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