Solar Cooking
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Beans usually take a great deal of fuel to cook conventionally and a long time to cook in a solar cooker. They do cook very well in a solar cooker though on good solar cooking days.

Tips for cooking beans in a solar cooker:

  • While most foods can be cooked in either box cookers or panel cookers without turning the cooker to follow the sun, beans require the cooker to be turned at least once.
  • To shorten cooking time, beans may be soaked overnight before cooking. Ideally, larger beans should be first be heated to boiling and then be allowed to soak for an hour before cooking (See video below).
  • Don't put salt in when soaking as salt extracts water from the beans.


Many cultures have almost given up eating beans because they can't access the fuel to cook them. However, most don't know that many beans can be sprouted to make them edible without cooking or with very a short cooking time to improve flavor.

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The right way to soak beans before cooking

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