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The Vajra Foundation Holland (Stichting Vajra) has worked in the Bhutanese refugee camps in Nepal since 1995 to bring solar cooking and heat-retention cooking to the refugees there including those living in the Beldangi Refugee Camp. By 2013 some 85,000 refugees were cooking their meals using these methods. The on-the-ground work is done by Vajra Foundation Nepal and financing is provided by the Dutch Lottery and the Dutch NGO Stichting Vluchteling.

By 2015, more than 100,000 Bhutanese refugees had been resettled in other countries. Approximately 13,000 Bhutanese refugees remain in the camps although current data about their use of the solar cookers that were left behind is unavailable. There are unconfirmed reports from the Varja Foundation that Nepalese families living near the abandoned camps are now using these solar cookers.[1]

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