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The Blazer Solar Oven.

The Blazer Solar Oven was created by Les McEvers. He originally designed it to cook homemade bread, but its ability to reach temps of over 220 °C (428 °F), makes it a very versatile oven. Its 0.65 cm (1/4") steel plate cooking platform allows for temperatures to be sustained when food is added or passing clouds temporarily disrupt sunlight.

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  • January 2016:

Solar cooking French bread in time lapse video.

Solar cooking French bread in 35 minutes brought to you in two minutes

  • January 2016:

Solar oven water bath canning

Water bath canning 5 pints of peaches in a solar oven.

  • January 2016:

Solar cooking a half chicken and rice in timelapse

Cooking a half chicken and some rice in a Blazer solar oven. All done in less than 90 minutes.

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