Solar Cooking
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Bozina Komatina

Bozina Komatina, is a Mechanical Engineer, HVAC designer and solar researcher from Podgorica, Montenegro. He has a great deal of experience in solar cooking and he is in search of a solar cooker design that can be a good cooker and affordable to many people around the world.

As an HVAC designer, he prefers perfectly isolated evacuated tubes for solar cookers but experimenting in other types of solar cookers. In this part of Europe in this year 2019 almost nobody uses solar energy to prepare food or to boil water. Bozina has plans to change that and to promote solar cooking in Montenegro and neighboring countries.

He was a participate as a pitcher at the Impact 2019 conference in Belgrade. His solar cooker project “SunRocket” was chosen for three-minute pitch in front of a jury and investors from all around the world.


  • July 2015: Bozina converted an old satellite dish to a solar grill. The reflective material used for this project was a Mylar blanket. This is very cheap material that has good reflective parameters. Because the reflective area was not very large, Bozina used a small cooking pan. The cooking area was small, but was hot enough to grill three kebabs perfectly. The kebabs were delicious.

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  • December 2019: 

Montenegro Solar Cooker - DIY Cheap and affordable solar oven

Solar cooking with large evacuated solar tubes. I call it Montenegro solar cooker. Please give me some credit and call it like that if you make similar one. I made this video to show how can this type of solar cooking be affordable to everyone. Total costs to build this cooker are less than 100 euro. Similar products with this capacity 4 liters (1 gal.) costs at least EUR 400 without shipping costs and custom taxes. That is not affordable the most people in the world. Inside temperature of Montenegro Solar cooker can reach 300 °C (572 °F). Outside temperature is around 50 °C (122 °F) so that is why I got idea to use cheap materials that are intolerant to high temperatures. This chicken breasts are cooked in 30 minutes. The video is for educational purposes. I don't take any responsibility if something goes wrong.

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