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The Planters Energy Network (PEN) was initiated as a Register Society member in 1989 at Madurai Kamaraj University to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency on plantation farms and in other industries. Eminent scientists, Prof.M.S.Swaminathan and Shri. L.Narayana Chettiyar, originally founded the organization.

Dr.C. Palaniappan also a founding member of PEN, is currently the Senior Associate Scientist of International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy, which is funded by UNESCO and IAEA. His extensive thirty years of experience in the field of solar thermal has helped to promote the growth of the organization.

Since 1989, PEN has Installed 12000 of solar collector for tea leaves drying, spices drying, fruits and vegetables dehydration, dhal, leather, ceramics, fish, cloth and salt drying..

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Planters Energy Network – PEN
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