Solar Cooking
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The Parvati Solar Cooker on the left, shares cooking duties with the SUNplicity parabolic cooker at CONSOLFOOD 2018. The cookers in the background are Fun Panels - Photo credit: Bernhard Müller

CONSOLFOOD 2018 took place in Faro, Portugal in January 2018. It was hosted again by Professor Celestino Ruivo, at the Institute of Engineering, University of the Algarve. Between sixty and eighty people attended the lectures, poster sessions, and a round table discussion about solar thermal food processing over the three-day conference. Twenty-four lectures and fifteen posters were presented. Throughout the conference, there was a large display of diverse solar cooking/drying equipment, and, thanks to sunny weather, most of the food was cooked with solar cookers. Once again, the conference generated an intimate, supportive, “solar family” atmosphere that enabled the participants to swap knowledge and experiences during breaks in the programme.


  • The Solar Cooker Tolokatsin V (Abstract) - Eduardo Rincón-Mejía
  • Solar Cookers International Test Stations for a Performance Evaluation Process Motivate a Network of Testing Centers (Abstract) - Alan Bigelow, et al
  • Simulation of a Solar Assisted Counterflow Tunnel Dehydrator (Paper) - A. Carrillo-Andrés
  • Introduction of Solar Drying by NGO Narmada in Nimar Region of Madhya Pradesh State of India Under the Guidance of Barc, Goi (Paper) - Raghav Deosthale, et al
  • Performance Testing of a Solar Thermal Fruit Dryer (Slides, Abstract) - Ricardo Bernardo & Pia Otte
  • A Parabolic Solar Cooking System with Heat Storage for Indoor Cooking (Slides, Paper) - Ndiaga Mbodji & Ali Hajji
  • Solar Cooker as Public Furniture, and the Thermal Modeling Involved (Slides, Paper) - Antonio Lecuona-Neumann, et al
  • Hot Stones Cooking with an Ultralight Membrane Solar Concentrator (Slides) - Fernando Chacon
  • Tamera-FixFocus: Membrane FixFocus Mirror as Multifunctional Solar Power Station (Slides, Abstract) - Jürgen Kleinwächter
  • Solar Cookers International Report Recent Gains in Global Solar Cooking Movement (Slides, Abstract) - Julie Greene, et al
  • Heliac Solar Cooker (Slides, Abstract) - Sedi Byskov
  • Photovoltaic Solar Cooking with Thermal Energy Storage (TES) (Slides, Paper) - Antonio Lecuona-Neumann, et al
  • Beam Steering Lens Arrays for Solar Cooking (Slides, Paper) - Håkon J Dugstad Johnsen, et al
  • Development of Solar Dryers, Cuban Experience for Food Preservation (Slides, Abstract) - Boris A. Zaldívar Núñez, et al
  • DryEcoMate – An Horticultural Dehydrator, Using Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic Energy, Low Cost Production, Modular and Portable (Slides, Paper) - J. Garcia, et al
  • Concentrated Solar Thermal Integration into Spice Roasting Industry: An Energy Analysis of an Indian Masala Manufacturing Facility (Slides, Paper) - Tavish Fenbert
  • Father Himalaya Solar Furnaces - Optical Principles, Technologies, and Lineage (Slides, Abstract) - Jean-Jacques Serra, et al
  • A Comparison of Copenhagen Solar Cookers with Other Similar Sized Solar Cookers (Slides, Paper) - Sharon Clausson
  • Challenges in Promoting Solar Cookers in India (Slides, Abstract) - Neha Mehta, et al
  • Creating Programs to Promote Solar Cooking (Slides, Paper) - Jennifer L. Gasser and Mary Buchenic
  • Networking to Advance the Use of Solar Cookers as Educational Tools in the Classroom (Slides, Paper) - Mary Buchenic, et al
  • Restaurant Solaire - Le Présage (Slides, Abstract) - Pierre-André Aubert
  • Solar Concentrator Evoluation in India and Way Ahead (Slides, Abstract) - Deepak Gadhia
  • The Broken Promise of Solar Cooking? The Case of Goidoubo Refugee Camp (Slides, Paper) - Isabella Troconis
  • Short Background Information About the Video Documentary - Pia Otte, et al
  • From development aid towards an economic factor: sustainable production of clean cookstoves in Madagascar (Slides, Abstract) - Christian Frost


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Portuguese TV on Conferencia Consolfood 2018

Esta conferencia ha reunido a expertos de todo el mundo para presentar y debatir diferentes temas relacionados con los avances en el procesamiento de alimentos y la cocina solar.

  • January 2018:

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