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CONSOLFOOD 2020 took place 22-24 January 2020 at Instituto Superior de Engenharia, Universidade do Algarve, Campus da Penha, 8005-139 Faro, Portugal. The Organizing Committee, under the Chairmanship of Celestino Ruivo, received almost 60 relevant papers from all over the world. These were submitted to the Scientific and Advisory Committee for review. In all, 48 papers were presented during the three-day Conference. Once again, the focus was on advances in solar cooking, solar food processing, and related topics. All abstracts, presentations, and some full-length papers from this, and previous CONSOLFOOD conferences, may be freely downloaded from the CONSOLFOOD website:

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  • June 2020: 4th Webinar CONSOLFOOD, Spreading the solar cooking "virus" - CONSOLFOOD organizers, Prof. Celestino Ruivo and Ajay Chandak hosted a webinar on 30 May 2020 featuring Hemant Deshpande, a lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at Government Polytechnic in Miraj, India, speaking on solar cooking promotion. You can watch it here.
  • June 2020: 5th Webinar CONSOLFOOD, Spreading the solar cooking "virus" - Prof. Luiz Guilherme Meira de Souza, from the Laboratório de Máquinas Hiiráulicas a Energia Solar/DEM-UFRN, is introduced by Prof. Celestino Ruivo to provide his insight on the value of solar cooking. The webinar is in Portuguese. You can watch it here.

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