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California Sunlight Corporation develops, designs, and manufactures high efficiency and cost-effective solar energy products based on a series of innovations. The emphasis of our company is on active daylighting systems, high efficiency micro-CPV systems, and solar oven, solar stove cooking systems. California Sunlight began manufacturing solar cookers in 2008 in California, USA

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California Sunlight CEO, Bing Gu displays the company's new Solar Balloon Cooker. - Sacramento Business Journal

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Dr. Bing Gu, CEO California Sunlight

Dr. Bing Gu was interviewed at the SCInet Solar Cooking Convention 2014. His Fresnel lens solar thermal cooking device can reach 315° (600°F), can track the sun and can store heat for nighttime cooking. He is seeking investors so California Sunlight Corporation can begin mass production.

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Bing Gu
California Sunlight Corporation
3791 Power Inn Road
Sacramento, California 95826

Tel: +1 (916) 996-1584


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