Solar Cooking
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Leéiyen teaches the use of solar panel cookers and the SODIS method of water pasteurization in Cameroon.


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  • January 2022: Commonwealth Environmental Week - Priscilla Song, is the commonwealth focal point for the Ministry of Environment protection of Nature and sustainable development in Cameroon, and has been actively promoting solar cooking as a method to help the country adopt fuel-saving and clean air strategies. At the recent Commonwealth Environmental Week gathering, she used a solar panel cooker to demonstrate the benefits of solar cooking to the Commonwealth Relations Manager for Cameroon.

Leéiyen teaches the use of solar panel cookers and the SODIS method of water pasteurization in Cameroon, November 2014.

  • February 2015: A Development and Information Center, DevICe, has been established in Tatum, Kumbo, north of Bamenda in Cameroon. After two weeks of training, the staff continues to test different types of solar ovens, provide information about water hygiene, and help with simple water quality analysis. They will also look into solar cooking. The center is run by voluntary work with a small budget. However, they are able to use a professional pyranometer from Kipp & Zonen. The project is run in partnership with Engineers Without Borders - Sweden, and sponsorship by Inpsecta in Sweden. (Inspecta provides inspections, testing, certification, technical consulting and training services.)
  • November 2014: Vise Gilbert Chin, CEO/President of Leéiyen, reports they have already taught more than 100 people to use solar cookers, including parabolic solar cookers, and the Heaven's Flame and CooKit solar box cookers.
  • November 2008: Solar Household Energy (SHE) completed a nine month 25 HotPot Pilot Program with our Cameroonian partner, the Association for the Protection of the Environment and the Fight against Desertification. The women in Maroua, Cameroon were happy with their HotPots and continue to be impressed by the variety of foods they can cook. The participants have been teaching their colleagues and friends about the HotPot. Demand for the HotPot has increased and SHE, Inc. and our partners are planning to expand the project.
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  • November 2007: The Organisation for Rural Education Simplicity (ORES) has been carrying out solar cooker research for several months. After experimenting with parabolic cookers, which they found difficult to keep focused on the sun as it moves, they chose to develop a solar box cooker that can cook for five people. The box can be closed to keep water warm overnight. Glass and mirrors are the only cooker materials that are not produced locally. Production cost is about $150 per cooker. Although ORES is based in Bamenda, in the western part of Cameroon, ORES hopes to promote the cookers in northern Cameroon where the Sahara Desert is encroaching and where the sun shines nine months per year.
  • Fall 2006: Details about SHE’s pilot project were arranged with the Association for the Protection of the Environment and the Fight against Desertification. This NGO was founded by a group of Cameroonians concerned with the destruction of their environment. The project is scheduled to launch in January 2007.


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  • Northern part of the country: Sunny throughout the year and local sources of firewood are depleted. The north is a good region for solar cooking. Southern part of the country: Abundant rain and abundant firewood. (Source: Juan Urrutia Sanz, 2010-Feb-15)

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