Solar Cooking
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Carolyn Luce of Solea Consulting has taught 100 people to use solar cookers, including 13 instructors. She promoted solar cooking with the Tierra Nueva organization in Honduras for 6 months--both box cookers and CooKits. About 25 cookers were produced.

Carolyn is currently based in France where she uses two solar cookers on a regular basis. She is a freelance consultant working in renewable energy and climate change, primarily with the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). She is currently a member of the Small Scale Working Group of the CDM which is the group that develops methodologies for small scale CDM projects, including solar cooking projects. Carolyn is interesting in collaborating with solar cooking projects, in particular those that use carbon credit programs (such as the CDM) for funding, as well as promotional or awareness-raising projects in southern Spain.

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