Celestino Solar Funnel Cooker

Celestino Ruivo's innovative cement-based version of the Funnel Cooker.

The original funnel solar panel cooker was inspired by the CooKit. This efficient solar panel cooker was developed in 2007 using sheets of polypropylene. Recycled windows of clothes washing machines were used to create the greenhouse effect around the pot.

Funnel Concrete Cooker version[edit | edit source]

The Funnel Concrete Cooker

A variation of the cooker made of concrete and common mirrors has been tested since 2009. Some of the main advantages of this solar cooker are: low cost reproduction in every part of the world using local available common materials, intuitive and practical use, water rain resistant and wind resistant and no risk for fire ignition. The useful heating capacity of this model was estimated around a value of 100 W.

The metal version of the Celestino Solar Funnel Cooker is manufactured by Manik Solar Innovation in Jalandhar, Punjab, India. It is a convenient camping and balcony cooker.

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See Manik Solar Innovation.
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