Solar Cooking
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Christopher Nyerges is the co-founder and director of the School of Self-Reliance in California, USA.  He is the author of The Self-Sufficient Home: Going Green and Saving Money as well as other books. He incorporates the use of solar heater/oven techology for the heating and purification of water, as well as for home cooking. He has been teaching self-reliance, nature awareness, and emergency preparedness classes since 1974.


Christopher Nyerges with high school teacher Joan Stevens

  • March 2006: Christopher Nyerges reports that solar cooker classes are offered at the School of Self-Reliance, an institute that has taught various aspects of solar use for over 30 years. The school offers classes and educational materials on a number of other self-reliance topics, including wild food foraging, primitive tools, orienteering, gardening, and conservation.


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