Solar Cooking
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Clement Musonda attends to a box cooker.

Clement Musonda is an engineer from Kishahsa, Democratic Republic of the Congo interested in alternative energy sources. He first became involved with solar cooking in 2010, and has since distributed a number of solar box cookers, and introduced many people to solar cooking.

Since 2014 he has been living in Lusaka, Zambia where he works for Sol Suffit , and promotes solar cooking in the surrounding area.

Other people helping him to promote solar cooking in Africa, and wishing to reduce deforestation and avoid global warming, include Daniel Kadinda, Gaston Kankwende, and Lydia Katuna.

Clement has an interest in solar cooking technology standards, global branding of solar cooking, and consumer rating/certification of solar cookers. His group is also interested in creating relationships with solar cooking partners from the USA and in Europe.


  • March 2022: Clement Musonda attended a workshop exploring energy solutions for Zambia.

Clement Musonda has created a hybrid gas/solar stove. Photo credit: Clement Musonda

  • August 2021: A hybrid gas/solar stove - Clement Musonda has created a hybrid gas/solar stove by combining a Fresnel lens solar stove with adjacent gas burners, available for use when sufficient sunlight is not available.
Clement Musonda, Zambia news, 6-30-21.png
  • June 2021: Clement Musonda reviews the history of his organization in Zambia, and thehelp they provided during the cholera epidemic to help pasteurize local water sources with solar cookers.

Clement Musonda presents at the National Innovation Initiative: Accelerating Agenda 2030.

  • December 2020: National Innovation Initiative: Accelerating Agenda 2030: - Clement Musonda presented his insulated solar box cooker at the National Innovation Initiative 2020: Accelerating Agenda 2030.
  • July 2020: Professional resume - Clement has provided a comprehensive history of his educational training and professional experience in the areas of sustainability, the environment, and renewable energy. Parties interested in working professionally with Clement should know he would welcome learning more about what opportunities may be available. Resume: Clement Musonda

Clement Musonda uses the Heliac solar cooker to pasteurize water in the city of Lusaka, Zambia to help prevent the spread of cholera.

  • October 2018: Rosa Solar Stove history  - Clement Musonda has chronicled the events which led to the creation of Rosa Solar Stoves in 2010. They have had ongoing projects and wish for more support. Read more about Rosa Solar in Groundswell News on page 12...
  • May 2018: Cholera prevention: - Clement Musonda reports they continue to manufacture and distribute solar cookers. In January, they used the Heliac solar cooker to pasteurize water in the city of Lusaka, Zambia to help prevent the spread of cholera.

Solar box cooker demonstration in DRC-Katanga, Photo credit: Clement Musonda

Solar box cooker demonstration in Zambia in 2012, Photo credit: Clement Musonda

  • November 2017: Clement Musonda summarizes several solar cooking projects that have taken place in DRC-Katanga, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. The project in DRC-Katanga began in 2010 with the organization of an NGO to highlight environmental concerns and manufacture solar cookers and food dryers in the town of Kinshasa. The project in Zambia began in 2011 after Clement attended an international natural medicine training in Kafakumba. In 2012 Clement was invited again to Ndola, Zambia where he showed his solar box cooker can used in natural medicine. In 2014 Clement decided to stay in Zambia to help with the project now centralized in Lusaka. Clement also organized a solar box cooker construction workshop with local carpenters in 2016 in Harare, Zimbabwe.
  • September 2017: Clement has been building Heliac solar cookers, using an inexpensive fresnel overhead lens. The light is focussed down and reflected back up under the cooktop. Cooks are able to prepare food, and work at a typical counter height. With his wife, Rosa, they used their solar box cooker in conjunction with with a parabolic solar cooker provided by Sol Suffit, the SuniCook model. They created an organization named Rosa Solar Stoves, which is registered by PACRA. In Lusaka / Zambia.
  • May 2016: Clement writes: "Solar project is in Zimbabwe now. I was there in April and ran a training in Harare. Initially, we made five solar box cookers, and our goal is to make more."
  • November 2014: Clement Musonda reports that he is now also active in Zambia.

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