Solar Cooking
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Co2balance is working with local social groups in East Africa to replace the use of open fires for cooking with either solar powered sun ovens or energy efficient cooking stoves. The solar ovens, which are currently imported into East Africa, will be manufactured in Kenya from early in 2008 whilst our energy efficient stoves are made entirely in East Africa.

Whilst our solar ovens use no fuel and are completely powered by the power of the sun, our energy efficient stoves require fuel but are approximately 75% more efficient than an open fire. Solar ovens heat up to around 180 degrees Celsius and are used for sterilising water as well as cooking.

The choice of distributing either a solar powered oven or building an energy efficient stove is made by our project managers on the ground, based on factors such as the immediate environment of the receiving family and local customs.

In addition to the saving in greenhouse gas emissions, the reduced need for firewood and the burning of rubbish leads to a corresponding reduction in the amount of time spent collecting the material. The users of our new technologies also gain considerable co-benefits such as reduced costs and a considerably improved environment from a health and safety perspective. This is another example of co2balance seeking projects with a wide range of additional benefits to the receiving community, including health, financial, social and environmental. In this way, we can maximise the project’s achievements beyond simple carbon saving

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