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Colativo Solar Cooker

Colativo Solar Cooker

The Colavito Solar Cooker is a double-glazed box-type cooker designed by C.J. Colavito in 2009 for Mujeres Solares De Totogalpa, El Centro Solar, and Grupo Fenix in collaboration with his construction team and the input of members of communities in Unile, Nicaragua.  The design makes use of wood, sheet metal and other locally-available materials and results in a sturdy, 60-lb cooker.

Design/Construction TeamEdit

  • C. J. Colavito
  • Alejandra Sánchez
  • Nimia López
  • Marco Pérez
  • Rumalda López
  • Reina López
  • Elia Pérez


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See Grupo Fenix.
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