Solar Cooking
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The Community Solar Cooker 10 SQ MT is a larger parabolic solar cooker that can potentially cook for 120 people in one hour, and can be shipped in a package 114cm(45") x 30cm(12") x 30cm(12"). Shipping weight is 100kg(220lbs).

  • The base frame to support the above reflector weighs 60kg (132lbs).
  • Two people can assemble the entire cooker in one day, including tying of the reflector strips.
  • No foundations is required. It can be placed anywhere on the ground or on the terrace and can be put into service after only one day of construction time.
  • The supporting stand is made of square pipes of 50x50mm(2"sq) cross-section, which revolves on a vertical pipe. The entire reflector can easily revolve on the vertical axis. Paraboloid reflector is fitted on the stand and can tilt on the horizontal axis.
  • The reflectors are made from anodized aluminum sheets providing highly efficient cooking.
  • An instructional video is included with purchase.
  • COST: $1,600USD, Discounted price of $1,400USD for 10 cookers

Comparison of 10 SQ MT Community Cooker with Scheffler Reflector[]

For big kitchen serving thousands of people every day, solar steam system through many Scheffler reflectors integrated as a steam producing plant is the best available system. Scheffler system gives the facility of indoor cooking by steam produced automatically in an integrated system of Scheffler reflectors which is highly scientific device invented by benevolent scientist Mr. Wolfgang Scheffler. It is now commonly used at many temples of India serving solar cooked meals to 1000 to 20000 people per day. But we have developed simpler and cheaper alternative solar cooking system, which is far more user-friendly than Scheffler reflectors. We have developed 10 sq mt community parabolic solar cooker which can cook for 120 in one hour. Using such many modular cookers, cooking up to 1000 to 2000 people becomes far simpler, cheaper and user-friendly alternative. Please study the following benefits of 10 sq mt community cooker v/s Scheffler reflectors. Main benefits of our 10 sq mt community cooker are these:

  1. 10 sq mt community cooker does not require foundations in the ground. In Scheffler Reflector, it is essential to fix the entire structure with ground by RCC foundations which is to be done by expert person and it will cost additionally.
  2. It is not necessary to find out north south direction in 10 sq mt community cooker. In Scheffler Reflector, it is essential to fix north-south line and fit the cooker on that line with foundations. This is highly scientific work.
  3. 10 sq mt community cooker does not require to install on polar axis. So no latitude of the location is necessary to know. In Scheffler Reflector, it is essential to fix entire structure to revolve around polar axis and hence latitude of the location must be known. This can be done by highly trained technical person which is not required in this case.
  4. 10 sq mt community cooker does not require any seasonal adjustment. In Scheffler Reflector, it is essential to make seasonal adjustment every week, which also requires training.
  5. 10 sq mt community cooker is completely folding and is dispatched in 2 bundles of 45" x 12" x 12" and one more bundle of base frame components. Hence, transport cost is very less. Scheffler reflector is a big structure and not folding which is transported into trucks and hence it becomes very costly.
  6. 10 sq mt community cookers can be assembled at site very quickly without any expert guidance. So installation staff is not necessary. In Scheffler Reflector, it is essential to send expert person for installation which will cost extra. Moreover, for steam cooking system, complete fabrication team has to work at site for many weeks and months to complete the job. In our case even if 8 to 10 cookers are to be connected together for steam system hardly takes 3 days time.
  7. In our community cooker, 100% reflector area is utilized as aperture area as against 70 to 80 % aperture area is used in Scheffler reflector. So 10 sq mt community cooker can cook for 120 people.
  8. 10 sq mt community cooker can be quickly adjusted against focus by any layman without any training. For operating Scheffler reflector, training is required. It is highly scientific and complicated technology.
  9. The cost of 10 sq mt community cookers is 30% of steam cooking system of Scheffler reflector compared with equal reflector area. So 70 % investment will be saved if our community cookers are purchased.
  10. If you select 10 sq mt community cookers, solar cooking will start within 5 days from the date of your decision. In case of steam cooking system, you have to wait 6 months to one year for Scheffler reflectors and for site installation.
  11. Our 10 sq mt community cooker has no automatic tracking device. But only one person will be enough to attend manual tracking of 8 to 10 such cookers. Even in automatic tracking devices one operator is required at site. So there is no benefit of automatic tracking device.

On the whole, our 10 sq mt community cookers are highly user-friendly and any layman or illiterate person can cook without training. Scheffler reflector is highly scientific device which can be understood only by scientists and highly trained engineers. So, training is necessary to maintain Scheffler reflectors and to make seasonal adjustments.

Audio and video[]

  • February 2015:

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