Solar Cooking
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The Community Solar Cooker 3 SQ MT is a unique small community parabolic solar cooker is very much suitable for midday meals, schools, hostels, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, offices, small factories, small home scale cooking related business, clubs, associations, communities, refugee camps, etc. So for small community solar cooking for less than 500 people, cheaper and simpler alternative of 3 sq mt community cooker is far more user-friendly than Scheffler Community Kitchens. Using such many modular cookers, cooking up to 500 people becomes far simpler, cheaper and user-friendly alternative.

Unique features[]

  • This is the first folding community solar cooker in the world. It can be packed into a box of size 114cm(45") x 30cm(12") x 23cm(9"). Packing volume is reduced to 1/75 of assembled volume.
  • You can cook 19 kg of rice (dry rice 5kg +14kg water = cooked rice 19 kg) in 60 minutes. In an average day from 9:00am to 5:00pm, you can cook about 100-120 kg of rice.
  • One cooker is suitable for 30 to 40 people.
  • Net weight is 65kg.
  • Two persons can assemble entire cooker in 6 to 8 hours including tying of reflector strips.
  • Reflector frame is of 2mt(79") x 1.5 mt(59") and it is made of only parabolic strips of 40mm x 5mm and 20 mm x 5 mm cross sections.
  • Supporting stand is made of square pipes of 40x40 mm & 50x50mm cross section.
  • You can cook 18 kg of rice in 60 minutes. You can use the cooker for cooking continuously from 9:00am to 5:00pm depending on geographic location.
  • Entire cooker is powder coated in attractive colors.
  • Four castor wheels are provided at the bottom of the stand to revolve in any direction.
  • Instructional video is included with purchase.

COST: $400USD. Discounted price: $300USD for 20 cookers


Dimensions: 2 meters(79") x 1.5 meters(59") Shipping size:(114cm(45") x 30cm(12") x 23cm(9")

Weight: 57kg(12 lbs.) Shipping weight:(60 kg (132 lbs.)

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