Comsats University, also known as Comsats Institute of Information Technology is located in Islamabad, Pakistan. The facility is part of a public sector university. As an educational institute, it works under the umbrella of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Government of Pakistan.

Comsats supports a research and development department that has been working on the design for a solar cooker with heat storage capability. This will allow the cooker to be used past sunset, and be able to reach cooking temperatures of 250°C (480°F). The solar collector has the capability to be located in a remote location, possibly on the rooftop.

They have also been teaching solar cooking since 2010, and have taught over 200 people through 2011.

Recent news and developmentsEdit

  • June 2013: Cranfield University working with Comsats University on solar cooker - The solar cooker was developed by COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad, with expertise from Cranfield University. It was funded by the government of Pakistan, who recognized the need to improve the lives of those living in the remote regions of Pakistan. As well as heating food, the cooker is able to store heat, and could generate electrical power for essential mobile communications or air conditioning. It will be exciting to learn more.
  • September 2011: Waqar Bokhari, representing the R & D lab, presented a research paper on the solar cooking system at the SolarPACES Conference in Spain in September 2011.

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