Solar Cooking
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Congo Clean Cookers (CCC) is an non-profit organization in the Democratic Republic of the Congo that was created in June 2016 originally as as Solar Cookers for Kivu.

Mr. Janvier Kamundala the founder and president of CCC writes:

"On 16th April 2016, I presented solar cookers at the Symposium organized by 'Programme d'accompagnement des étudiants' (PAE), a big event which united more than 250 people, among them students, and leaders of North Kivu, a province located in the Eastern of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Students of my home university 'Université Libre des Pays des Grands Lacs ULPGL-Goma' were amazing with the solar cookers, and then I gathered some friends and we initiated together, the first youth project on solar cookers: Solar Cookers for Kivu. Six months later, we created an NGO: Congo Clean Cookers. Our aim is to promote and provide clean energy for cooking to the poorest ones. We also included other products: fireless cookers, briquettes and digesters. Cooking is essential as said Emma Casson: 'The more people are self-sufficient in cooking fuel, the more personal and financial freedom they have.' Through workshops and trainings, we bring clean energy solutions to people."


Tel: +243 990105528 or +243 991 075 555


Facebook: @Congocleancookers - Janvier Kamundala