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Culinary Institute of Africa Sudan 2008

Students at the Culinary Institute of Africa can add another skill to their resume: solar cook

Since 2005, the Culinary Institute of Africa has been setting the standard for excellence in professional culinary education. All academic programs are offered at our Lokichoggio premises, although special courses may be arranged at other locations. During its years in operation, Culinary Institute graduates have been placed at various hospitality establishments in Kenya and elsewhere in East Africa.

News and Recent DevelopmentsEdit

  • March 2008: Louise Meyer reports on a group of internally displaced persons that are students at the Culinary Institute of Africa. As part of their curriculum they are learning how to solar cook. Meyer sent photographs of several students taking “Masters of Solar Cooking” classes at the Institute’s school in Juba, Sudan. Based in Lokichoggio, Kenya, the non-profit Culinary Institute of Africa is a community service division of the AFEX Group, which provides a number of management and catering services to camps throughout Kenya, Sudan, and elsewhere. The Institute began in 2004 when Terry Light, chief operating officer of AFEX, asked Nancy Crooks to train local Turkana with skills that could gain them employment at various camps and other institutions in the region. With technical assistance from Solar Cookers International (SCI), Crooks was able to incorporate solar cooker use and construction into the curriculum. The Institute offers an accredited, professional culinary education leading to a diploma in food production. SCI also provided training services and helped Crooks secure funding from the Lift Up Africa organization for a solar cooker project to teach Turkana women how to make and use solar cookers, heat-retention devices, and Water Pasteurization Indicators (WAPIs), as well as start a small solar cooker shop.


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