Solar Cooking
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The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) (German Agency for International Co-operation, formerly known as GTZ) provides viable, forward-looking solutions for political, economic, ecological and social development in a globalised world. We support complex reforms and change processes. All our activities are geared to improving people’s living conditions and prospects on a sustainable basis.

Solar cookers have been identified as being suitable for Afghanistan as well as other countries. Since 2006, GIZ actively supports development and dissemination. It began with the import of Butterfly cookers from China, since self-production of this type is still difficult due to lack of locally available material and machines. GIZ then supported one NGO and one private company in reproducing this model in workshops in Afghanistan. Over 200 of the “copies” have since then been distributed for testing purposes, but technical development is still in progress.

As an alternative, parabolic cookers made of concrete have been introduced. The model originates from Tibet, where GIZ made positive experiences with them. This solar cooker is especially suitable for rural areas, as it can be produced locally and almost all materials are available even in small district capitals in the provinces. In Faizabad in the Northeast province of Badakhshan, one small business is now about to be set up through two local workers who have been trained in the production by GIZ. Moreover, different models of solar cookers are currently being tested for technical, economica cookers have been identified as being suitable for Afghanistan.

An acceptance- survey of already distributed cookers is ongoing. Possibilities for self- production of butterfly-type cookers are being assessed. Household Energy in Afghanistan


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