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In a country where Disabled Technicians Uganda Limited has long and increasing successfully experience in promoting cleaner safer, more efficient and affordable cooking stoves, workshops took place to facilitate exchange among solar cookers practitioners on enhancing local value chains. The working group on solar cookers of the Disabled Technicians Uganda Limited energy network sector in Uganda invited disabled colleagues and other practitioners in the solar cooker sector from all over Wakiso District in Uganda in order to discuss different solar cookers production systems and professionalization of solar cooker adoption, models of semi-industrial production, new technologies and testing requirements, different approaches to support individual producers, sustainability, standardization and monitoring.

A week later the solar cooker camp in Kiira Town invited members of the Disabled Technicians Uganda, National Solar Cooker Network with Solar Cooker practitioners from other District to join the association. Participants received practical training and comprehensive information on safety, emissions and solar cooker testing protocols. The camp furthermore facilitated in-depth discussions on issues of value chain promotion and monitoring, Presentations and field visits; demonstrated state of the solar cooker production. Local NGOs compiled reports on the distribution and marking of different models of solar cookers and selling to supermarkets.

In June 2015 National Environment Management Authority Uganda (NEMA) Invited Disabled Technicians Uganda Limited to participate as an Exhibitor at the World Environment Day on the 5th of June. At Sacred Heart Kiterede Senior Secondary School Kyotera, Town Council Rakai District as you may be aware 5th June of every year is World Environment day (WED) the main objective of celebrating (WED) is to promote public awareness and action for sustainable use and management of our environment. Through these celebrations, we reaffirm our commitments to sustainable environment management (WED) therefore each one of us is provided with an opportunity to curry out activities that address specific environmental problems and issue within our localities.

World Environment Day is always celebrated under one global theme provided by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Disabled Technicians Uganda Limited an Organized group of disabled Ugandans who have become innovative to prove to their nation that disability is not inability. The association has a vast experience in energy saving technologies such as Energy saving stoves and solar cookers.

They use cost effective and locally available materials to make these energy efficient equipment. The association has always participated in exhibitions of NATIONAL ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY (NEMA) Uganda, during world environment day cerebrations over time to time this has helped raise awareness on efficient energy use and the need to reduce the current high deforestation in the country and we have been rewarded certificates from them (NEMA). This is therefore to request you as International Solar Promoter for any possible technician information / materials to support for the furtherance of these important initiatives.


Edward Sembajjwe demonstrates the Heliac solar cooker, 6-22-17.png
  • June 2017: World Environment Day celebration - Edward Sembajjwe of Disabled Technicians Uganda Limited built and demonstrated the Heliac Solar Cooker at the 5 June 2017 national World Environment Day celebration in Ibanda, Western Uganda. This partnership formed at the 6th SCI World Conference 2017 at Muni Seva Ashram in Gujarat, January 2017. With materials and instructions from Heliac, Sembajjwe and Disabled Technicians Uganda manufactured the Heliac Fresnel-lens solar cooker locally.
  • March 2017: The group reports that it has started to construct the Heliac Solar Cooker, a design from Denmark.

Roger Haines stopped by in April to see the new Heliac Solar Cooker under construction. Photo credit: Disabled Technicians of Uganda

  • March 2016: The Disabled Technicians of Uganda sent the photos below:
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  • October 2008: Solar Energy initiative for the disadvantaged in Eastern Uganda: The project will target homesteads in different communities where people use bio-fuel as their sources of Energy. It will also target people living in displaced camps. These will include mainly families managed by the disadvantaged rural Women, since there are the almost highly affected by the problem. See project proposal.

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