Solar Cooking
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Bereket Dessie is the Proprietor of ET-Solar Tech, a small Ethiopian company that started the manufacture of different solar cookers in 2000. At that time no one knew anything about solar cookers. It was just a magic for everyone when they saw food is cooked with the sun. Bereket Dessie reports that things are changing now, however.

ET-Solar Tech's customers are NGOs such as Sol Solidari, World Vision Ethiopia, GIZ, and PISDA working with Solar Cooking Netherlands, Horn of Africa Regional Environment Centre and Network (HOAREC/n), DEA, and the Catholic Ministries working on the health and school programs . ET-Solar Tech also works with various small, local NGOs and other private people.

In their shop Scheffler Reflectors are produced, which can be used to prepare injera, the local flatbread. Other cookers produced are the SK-14, box cookers, and CooKits. ET-Solar Tech is also producing fuel-efficient woodstoves. The company has been featured in Ethiopian national television a half a dozen times and on a radio program as well as in governmental and private magazines.

By 2008 more than 5000 CooKits had been produced by ET-Solar Tech.

The Swiss NGOs Arcarana and Selam supported Bereket Dessie in setting up his business.


Solar Bereket - CooKits ready to go 2008

Participants hold their folded CooKit solar panel cookers.

Solar Bereket - CooKits ready for distribution

CooKits ready for distribution

Solar Bereket - Box cookers

Box cookers are shown

Solar Bereket - Parabolic cookers

Parabolic cookers are shown


Facebook: ET-Solar Tech PLC