Solar Cooking
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Eagle front view

The optional twelfth piece: a whimsical eagle head.

Manda (a.k.a. "Talzhemir") designed the Eagle Solar Cooker in 2007, based on the delightful CooKit. It is slightly smaller than a CooKit. Like a CooKit, it is collapsible and easily stored flat. It gets its name from the vaguely Thunderbird shape when unfolded. An optional piece, shaped like an eagle's head, may be added at the top.

"The Eagle" was created specifically with Americans in mind. Its initial pattern is made out of U.S. standard 8 1/2" X 11" pieces of paper. This method lends versatility: the Eagle can easily be pieced together out of the smaller sections, or, it can be cut from a single piece of cardboard.

It is entirely made by measuring distances with a ruler (the measurements are English, i.e., in inches), and connecting points. There are no angle measurements so no compass or protractor is used.

Besides a whole rectangular piece of paper, there are only four other shapes used. The Eagle is composed of eleven pieces in all.

Construction plans[]


Here, the old barbecue grill now holds an Eagle.

Written in 2010, the following includes full-size pages for use as a pattern:


See Manda.