Solar Cooking
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Stewart Maclachlan

Ecozoom UK is an organization located in London, that has been formed to promote the acceptance of solar cooking within the United Kingdom. The founder of the group is Stewart Maclachlan, a practicing architect. He began solar cooking himself in 2002. Another member of the group is Dave Oxford who is assessing the solar cooking potential available in Cornwall, UK. They produce the SLiCK solar cooker.


  • September 2015: SLiCK launched their website ( as the 'go to' information area for all UK based solar cooks. The launch integrates the new evacuated solar parabolic tube cooker - the SLiCK SM70, the only solar cooker optimised for all year round UK solar cooking. If the sun is shining SLiCK will get you cooking using pure sunlight.
  • August 2014: Stewart MacLachlan had his paper, Solar Cooking in the UK: Quantifying domestic energy saved using a solar box cooker, presented by Natalia Blackburn at the SCInet Solar cooking Convention 2014. The paper details and records the London based family use of their solar cooker in 2012 and 2013 in order to determine the possible fuel savings offered by solar cooking. The successful daily preparation of a standard measure of food using solar cooking was cross referenced against cooking the same quantity using electricity. The paper indicates a minimum saving of 35.6 kWh of grid electricity per year using solar cooking at a latitude of 51 degrees north. This could displace approximately 5% of annual UK cooking energy. The paper concludes that further UK solar cooking study should be considered in light of this potential grid connected electricity offset.


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