Solar Cooking
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Electro Solar Cooker .jpg

Astina prepares the charger for installation in the cooker.

The charging unit is neatly installed under the cooker, with the power take-offs located in back.

The Electro Solar Cooker is being produced by the nonprofit organization, Association pour le Développement de l'Energie Solaire (ADES), based in Switzerland. They promote solar cooking primarily in Madagascar.

ADES recognized another solar energy opportunity that would work well with their solar cooking promotion. As long as the solar cooker is being tended for a few hours each day for cooking, why not build-in strips of photovoltaic panels to create some electricity? The power is stored in batteries attached under the cooker. Fully charged, the unit can power 12 volt lights for a few days, run a radio, and recharge cellphones. The multiple functions compliment and encourage use of the solar appliance.

The cooker has also created employment opportunities for skilled technicians who assemble and service the unit if it is needed. Expected charger and battery life is 2 - 3 years, and the used units are recycled in Switzerland. The cooker is well-made, durable, and built with pride.

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