Solar Cooking
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Eliesheriff Joseph is from Hinche Haiti, and studied at the Université Notre-Dame d'Haïti. He teaches STEM program hands-on classes in Hinche with solar cooking projects, and is looking to build a system of solar cooking lending programs within the country.


Eliesheriff Joseph poses with the newly built 'Beast" Copenhagen solar cookers for the Hinche community. Photo credit: Eliesheriff Joseph

  • December 2021: Continuing his steady stream of projects, Eliesheriff Joseph recently completed a workshop on building the 'Beast' Copenhagen solar cooker. Relatively simple to build, the Copenhagen design has been proven to be an effective solar panel cooker. It appears they were able build seven cookers for use in the Hinche community. The project came about with assistance from Mary Buchenic and Jennifer Gasser of the Solar Education Project. Last year, Eliesheriff partnered with students at Youngstown State University in Ohio, USA and the Solar Education Project to run tests on the large home made Copenhagen oven. Before he could test it, he had to learn how to build it! Solar Education Project guided him through the process and provided funds for materials and time.

Eliesheriff Joseph presented a workshop at the Maison Fortuna orphanage in Hinche, Photo credit: Eliesheriff Joseph

  • November 2021: Eliesheriff held another solar cooking workshop presentation, this time at the Maison Fortuna orphanage in Hinche. He commented that the children showed great enthusiasm for the solar cooking, and began offering ideas for making their own solar cookers.

  • October 2021:
Eliesheriff Joseph hosts demonstration in Haiti, 10-11-21.png

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  • NEW: June 2022:

A More Sustainable Future (Interview w- Solar Cooking Experts) 🇭🇹 x 🇵🇭-2

  • November 2021:
  • NEW: May 2022:

BioGas + Solar Cook Out @ Notre Dame University! (Hinche,Haiti)-2

Eliesheriff Joseph conducts a biogas and solar cookout for students partnering with Notre Dame University in Hinche, Haiti

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